Sunday, April 16, 2006

Our Proud Legacy

On Sunday, April 16 2006, the island's sole children tabloid Lintang and the Bali Arts Center co-hosted a drawing and a dance competitions for elementary schools' students from all across Bali.

Hundreds of enthusiastic parents assisted their children in preparing and presenting their aesthetic pieces. It was a touching experience for us watching the parents, like I Nyoman Catra, a master performer himself, dressing his son up for a Baris (warrior dance) performance (photo below). It was as if by doing so the master performer had actually tried to transfer his passion and skills to his young prodigy. A transfer of cultural legacy.

In the spirited faces of these children we saw the future defenders and creators of our rich cultural heritage

Their performances were beauty to the senses, yet, our joy and pride went far beyond the senses...

...their passion, powerful energy and, most importantly, their daring improvisation have made us believe that instead of turning into a mere preserver of a stagnant culture, these children will grow up into Bali's truly cultural thinkers and creators. They shall intermingle the legacy of the island's beautiful past with the treasures of the dynamic present; a creative process that will give birth to the future cultural renaissance of the island.

The renaissance will be uniquely Bali in character and universally global in forms and contents.

Their performances have convinced us that the future of Balinese cultural heritage is in the safe hands. These kids have made us believe that our culture will keep moving on, will keep moving the spirit of continuity and changes.

With Hearts Filled With Joy and Pride

Marlowe and Jun