Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Foreign Supports?

Many outstanding figures in Jakarta have accused the anti bill movement of being a proxy for foreign interests. Some have even hinted that the global pornography industry (hmmmm) are financing the movement.

Honestly speaking, up to this evening, the KRB has never been approached by the kinds of Larry Flint and Hugh Heffner.

However, we must admitt that recently, the leaders of the KRB have indeed been approached by a powerful non-domestic power; the foreign press. Reporters from various media outlets, including but not limited to ABC, Radio Netherland, Times, South China Morning Post, Sydney Morning Herald and (ehm) Al Jazeera, have interviewed either or both Ngurah Harta and Cokorda Sawitri.

Earlier this afternoon, it was the CNN that placed Ngurah Harta and Cokorda Sawitri on the spotlight. The interview was arranged by several key figures in the island's tourism industry, such as Gde Wiratha and Ida Bagus Gde Sidharta. The interview took place in the idylic Puri Santrian in Sanur.

All these attention from the foreign media, Cokorda Sawitri revealed, had uplifted the spirit of the Balinese.

"We believe that the Balinese has many loyal friends out there. The foreign media, I believe, will play a significant role in our effort to reaching out to our friends in the foreign lands and in disseminating the reasons and contexts behind our vehement opposition to this ridiculous bill," she said.

Through this blog, the KRB would like to extend its gratitude to the members of the press corps, foreign or otherwise, who have continuously supported the anti bill movement by providing the public, global or otherwise, with lucid, fair and unbiased reportings.

Keep up the good works fellas,
Remember that the pen (and also the recorder and the camera) is mightier than the sword, saracen or otherwise.

Respect to All

Marlowe and Jun