Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Free Special Event: A “Pornographic” Discussion

Free Special Event

A “Pornographic” Discussion

“In 2006, Indonesia’s House of Representatives introduced a draft of legislation: Anti Pornography Bill. The bill soon drew a nation-wide opposition from various rights groups. The House eventually postponed the bill. On July 2008, the revised form of the bill re-surfaced on the House’s floor under a new name; Pornography Bill. A similar wave of rejection takes place in every corners of the nation. This time, the pro-bill legislators apparently will prevail…”

Join the leaders of the Bali’s People Component (KRB), the loose coalition of artists, intellectuals and activists that spearheads the opposition against the bill in Bali. Discuss various “off the record” aspects behind the bill and how the bill would trample upon individual rights for cultural, religious and artistic freedom, not to mention the right for privacy!. Share your thoughts and give your support to the cause.

Place: Neka Art Museum
Time: 01.00 PM-end
Admission: Free


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