Saturday, April 15, 2006

1,500 miles to Graceland

after a long break (well, we had to give our hearts the much-needed rest to recuperate from the angst caused by all those fiery, take-no-hostage comments in this blog) we, Marlowe and Jun, are back again in Jiwamerdeka.

This newes post is not about the 2001's Demian Lichtenstein's movie depicting Kurt Russel and Kevin Costners dressed as Elvis Presley wannabees to rob a casino. Instead, it is a sort of self-congratulatory note on the achievement of the Jiwamerdeka 1945, our visual counter-argument to the controversial bill.

As of Friday, April 15 2006, (about one month after its launch), the website had recorded 1,556 visits.

We believe that the visits have not only reflected the level of interest in the subject matter but, more importantly, the willingnes of the visitors to learn about and educate themselves on the Balinese people's perspective on the bill.

We also believe that the willingnes to learn about other, different perpectives is a key factor in building an open, honest and peaceful dialogue that would surely be a very beneficial thing for the establishment of a more humane, civilized and democratic society in our country.

Therefore, we would like to express our gratitude to all those visitors.
Thank you for devoting your time and mind to comprehend our stance.

To a large extent, we are now closer to the Graceland than before.

Marlowe and Jun


At 9:53 AM, Blogger Agni Homa said...

This is the mission of Agni Homa:

Arise! Awake! Struggle on and stop not till the goal is reached.


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