Monday, March 06, 2006

Woman Day, Defiance Day!!!


Indonesian women ( and men, of course!) will celebrate the International Woman day by staging a noisy rally on March 8 2006 (previously we wrote down 2005, we sincerely apologized for the mistake) in Jakarta.

The theme: Stop Degrading Woman!
The demand: Reject the Anti Pornography Bill!

So, be there! Bring your largest placard, scariest voice and a lot of attitude.

So, be there! at 9 am in Bundaran Hotel Indonesia, where we will start the poignant march to the Presidential Palace.

So, be there ! if you believe that a woman is the electrifying testimony of the Divine's beauty. Not, the ultimate source of moral decadence as the RUU APP wants us to believe.

Just be there and Reject the Anti Pornography Bill!

Marlowe and Jun

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