Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Rage Against The Machine

Well, it took Jerinx, from the Superman is Dead fame and one of the principal organizers of the Concert Against the Anti Pornography Bill, four days to send a few visual momento of the concert. We suspected that the slow delivery time must have something to do with a prolonged, sustained hang-over due to over-intoxication of high speed, adrenaline booster, establishment grinder melodies.

So, down below are four samples of the loud resistance of our music community, including the banner of support, where you could and still can sign your name to the cause. The pictures were taken by Corise 2006 and the names of the band where hidden in the title of the postings. Could you guess them?

The Concert took place on last Saturday (March 4, previously we wrote down April 4, we sincerely apologized for the mistake) afternoon at the Sentral Parkir Kuta. In the following night, two other concerts were held in the Apache Club and the Wave. Salute for Jerinx , Dethu and all those "bad boys" out there that had made the Concert possible.

PS: The stage backdrop (with the Garuda bird and the word Remember) is way, way, way cool. It was designed by somebody named Electronposts @ http://electronposts.blogspot.com, who for quite some times have posted stunning images in support of the cause. Our advice: visit the site and prepare to be stunned.

Marlowe and Jun